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Uzbek Man Indicted for Threatening to Assassinate Obama, Obtaining Explosives, Machine Gun


An Uzbek man has been charged with allegedly making repeated threats to assassinate President Obama, and obtaining explosives (to be used as a grenade) and a machine gun, presumably to carry out his plot.

Ulugbek Kodoriov, who has been residing in the U.S. illegally, is accused of making four threats against the President from July 9 to 13. The Uzbek national was reportedly indicted Tuesday by a federal grand jury.

Kodoriov allegedly gained possession of an M15-A1 rifle, deemed by the indictment to be illegal simply on the basis of his immigration status alone.

Fox News reports that the Uzbek was residing at the Oak Mountain Lodge in Birmingham, Alabama. There, authorities reportedly searched Kodoriov's room for evidence pertaining to assassinations including sniper rifles, Jihadist texts and information on Obama himself.  FN reports:

On July 9, Kodoriov contacted an FBI source and asked about ways to kill the president by a long-range shot, according to the warrant. Kodoriov allegedly inquired about sniper rifles and said he didn’t care if he lost his life in an assassination attempt.

Kodoriov, 21, is a strict Muslim from Uzbekistan who previously supported Islamic extremists, an FBI source said, according to the warrant.

The Justice Department, in announcing the indictment, said it vindicates the government's "proactive and preventive" approaches to such threats.

“We are constantly engaged with partners throughout the law enforcement community in order to keep the overall security picture in focus and to stay ahead of any emerging threats," said Roy Sexton, Secret Service special agent in charge.

According to FN, Kodoriov came to the U.S. in June 2009 on a student visa that was subsequently revoked in April 2010 for the Uzbek's failure to enroll in school.

If convicted, Kodoriov faces a maximum of five years in prison per count of threatening the president and 10 years per weapons charge.

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