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Wednesday morning must-reads


John Kerry's swift boat buddy stripped of Silver Cross

FBI report on "Fast and Furious" contradicts ATF claims

ATF manager says he shared F&F info with the White House

Obama poll numbers plummet in battleground states

Conservatives divided over Boehner debt plan

Michelle Malkin: The creep enablers of Rep. David Wu

U.S. military brass unload on austerity plan

Michael Yon: Taliban focus on attacking children

George W. Bush on bin Laden's death: "I felt a sense of closure"

Is al-Qaeda about to collapse?

Report: Wisconsin Dems would havecreated $1.4 billion deficit

NY Times columnist says tea party is "Hezbollah faction" of GOP

MSNBC sued for defamation

"Utility nightmare": Electric cars will drain the nation's power grid

Cato: How's that big-government environmentalism working out for ya?

Sarah Palin on debt debate: It's the spending, stupid!

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