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Thursday morning must-reads


"We don't have a deficit problem right now"

The national-security case for the Boehner debt plan

Surprise: There's a new "Party of No"

Herman Cain apologizes to Muslim leaders

Is al-Qaeda really dying?

Rare legal victory for Pakistani Christian refusing to convert to Islam

Obama discussed "gun tracing" programs in 2009

UK health service begins rationing surgeries

The GOP's "secret weapon"? Aging baby boomers

...and they're not the only ones: Millennials are shifting to the Republicans, too

Russian official: Sens. Kyl and Kirk are "monsters of the Cold War"

Debbie Wasserman Schultz says Republicans are trying to impose a "dictatorship"

With six days until the debt ceiling deadline, members of Congress celebrated at the annual Congressional Blues Festival

Did the White House rickroll its 2 million Twitter followers yesterday? Yes it did.

Remember your old game of Battleship? They've made it in to a movie

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