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Bloodied' & 'Beaten:' GOP Rep. Describes 'Tongue-Lashings' from Fellow Republicans Pushing Boehner Bill


"Called into the Principal's office."

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert told Fox News about the behind the scenes discipline Republicans are enforcing to get a debt ceiling bill passed, and it doesn't sound pretty.

Rep. Gohmert has moved his vote from the "No" to the "Maybe" column due to some changes in the bill this morning, and the possible inclusion of a balanced budget amendment. But it wasn't an easy road to this point.

Gohmert spoke about about the pressure fellow Republicans have brought to bear on him in order to gain his vote for the Boehner bill.

At one point, Fox interviewer Alisyn Camerota asked Rep. Gohmert about his earlier statement that he was 'bloodied and beaten' by fellow Republicans in this debate, and Gohmert replied "bruises take time to heal."

Later in the interview, Congressman Gohmert talked about his interactions with Speaker Boehner, whom he describes as always gracious, and joked that this was true 'even when I got called into the principal's office.'

But Gohmert bemoaned the 'tongue-lashing' he received from other GOP members unhappy with his principled stand on the debt ceiling debate.

Watch the video here, via Fox:

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