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Friday evening must-reads


Live coverage of debt debate developments...

Bad economic report gets even worse

Immigrants flee California for Mexico... wait, what?

Candidate Obama in 2008: When I'm president, gov't will do much more to trace gun sales

Michelle Malkin: Obama's exclusive waivers for George Soros

How unions control government... and Democrats

The two big differences between Boehner plan and Cut, Cap & Trade

Jim Wallis: God wants more debt

Peggy Noonan: Obama supporters have lost that lovin' feeling

Laura Ingraham pushes back against Sarah Palin

Why are Turkish military leaders resigning en masse?

Cuba to begin drilling for oil off Florida's shores

Good news: Most Americans don't cheat on their taxes

NYTimes reporter helps Obama WH unleash Twitter bomb on the GOP

Dems angry that SC Gov. Nicki Haley checked "white" on voter registration card

Taiwanese animators envision tea party vs. Boehner battle... and it is EPIC

(Warning: Some naughty language)

h/t Jonah G.

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