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‘Most Chilling Video’ From ‘Arab Spring’ Reveals Syrian Security Forces Invading People’s Home


They came for them in unmarked vans.

Called "the most chilling video I have seen from any of the Arab protest crackdowns" by UN Dispatch's Mark Leon Goldberg, is newly acquired footage from the Arab Spring.

The clip, which was reportedly uploaded to the web on Thursday by a user in Turkey, allegedly shows Syrian security forces in Daraa drive up to a home in two unmarked vans, scale a wall and rush the front door, while the residents inside watch (and film) from an upstairs window, eerily wailing the entire time.

The video cuts off as the security forces enter the house. The timing of this footage coincides with reports that nearly 3,000 Syrians have "disappeared" after presumably being arrested by the Syrian regime's security forces. Meanwhile, nearly 2,000 have reportedly been killed.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

(H/T: The Atlantic Wire)

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