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Liberal Interlopers Thwart 'Conservative' Interviews at Van Jones-Led Protest


They're Trying to Make Us Look Bad!

So much for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, right?

During a debt-deal related protest on Capitol Hill attended by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Van Jones and various union and left-wing advocacy groups, liberal interlopers attempted to block MRCTV from interviewing protesters on the basis that MRCTV is "conservative" media, hence, would make the activists "look bad" with trick "editing."

What follows in the ten-plus minute long video is a seemingly desperate attempt by left-wing interlopers to thwart a free press from conducting interviews with liberal activists. Rather than editing, however, perhaps the fear among liberals is that a conservative might ask the interview subject challenging questions -- questions the subject might not be able to answer correctly. Perhaps like the instance where one activists insists to MRCTV that Lyndon B. Johnson had nothing to do with the Vietnam War. Odd, considering LBJ escalated the nation's war efforts, increasing the number of U.S. troops in Vietnam from 16,000 to over half a million during within four years.

But, while facts didn't seem to get in the way for the interview subjects, the hecklers certainly did their best to protest loudly.

The video is roughly ten minutes long and does feature a bit of background noise at first but what follows might be well worth a look. Watch liberal activists thwart a "conservative's" interview attempts while others end up answering some rather simple questions, rather poorly:

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