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Pat Buchanan Forced to Explain 'Your Boy' Remark After Heated Debate With Al Sharpton

Pat Buchanan Forced to Explain 'Your Boy' Remark After Heated Debate With Al Sharpton

"some folks took what I said as some kind of slur"

Pat Buchanan has become the token conservative on MSNBC. He regularly appears as a guest on the network's many shows, offering the supposed conservative position. That's why he was on the network last night with new host Al Sharpton talking about the debt deal. And after a fiery exchange with Sharpton, Buchanan has now been forced to explain some comments that have him in hot water with some.

Near the end of last night's interview, Buchanan referred to President Obama as "your boy." A stunned Sharpton responded: "My what? My President, Barack Obama? What did you say?”

Buchanan quickly clarified: “He’s your boy in the ring, he's your fighter.”

Sharpton then unleashed: “He’s nobody’s boy– he’s your president, he’s our president, and that’s what ya’ll don’t get through your head.”

Watch it below:

What you see only in part is that throughout the debate Sharpton referred to Buchanan's "guys" and lumped him into the conservative camp he was villainizing. That seemed to be what Buchanan was responding to. More of a, if you're going to make me claim all Republicans, then you have got to claim Barack Obama. What Buchanan said he didn't mean by the comment was anything racist, which is what he's now being accused of.

Buchanan made that clear Wednesday on another MSNBC show, "Morning Joe:"

Let me clarify something that happened last night on the Al Sharpton show,” Buchanan began his remarks after being introduced on “Morning Joe.”

“A very spirited discussion, I was asked who was the big losers in these battles and the big winners, and I said one of the big losers, using boxing terminology, was ‘your boy,’ and I meant the president of the United States,” Buchanan said.

“Rev. Sharpton said my boy is the president of the United States and he’s doing a rope-a-dope in the Ali fashion and he’s going to finish off your crowd. Now this was taken, some folks took what I said as some kind of slur. None was meant, none was intended, none was delivered, for the record,” Buchanan added.

Mediaite sums it up best:

There was nothing overtly racial about the dialogue– certainly, it didn’t come up by name– and even following up what could very well have been a perfectly legitimate reference to the “Br’er Rabbit” legend with calling the President “boy” could be forgiven.

John Quincy Adams once warned about going in search of monsters to destroy. Could it be that liberals are looking to turn Buchanan into a racist monster so they can destroy him?

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