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Senator DeMint Goes After 'Anti-Business' White House, Defends Tea Party


"I can't imagine a more anti-business president than the one we've got right now."

Earlier this week, while sitting in for Sean Hannity on FOX, the inimitable canuck Mark Steyn interviewed Senator Jim DeMint.

The focus of their conversation? They spoke about what is on everyone's mind: the downgrade, the debt ceiling fight and Washington’s spending problems.

However, Steyn went a step further and took the time to address how Democrats have since reacted to the S&P downgrade. He began the segment by showing a video of top liberals blaming the Tea Party, of all things, for S&P’s decision to downgrade the United States from a AAA bond rating to a AA+ rating.

In the video montage (featuring the likes of Howard Dean and David Axelrod) are such memorable quotes as “The fact of the matter is, that this is essentially a Tea Party downgrade,” and “They are totally unreasonable and doctrinaire and not founded in reality.”

After the video introduction, Sen. DeMint not only addressed the ludicrous claim that the Tea Party is to blame for America's fiscal woes but he also took the opportunity to voice his opinion of Obama and his seemingly anti-business administration.

Read the full Transcript here.

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