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See a Woman Give a Rousing Speech While Standing Up to U.K. Rioters


"Get it real black people."

In June, we brought you video of two tiny women standing up to rioters in Vancouver, British Columbia after rowdy fans ransacked the city following the city's loss in the NHL finals. That was courage. So is what you're about to see.

A video posted on YouTube this week shows a "brave Hackney woman" standing up to the rioters around her and giving a rousing speech. She berates those around her for the violence, especially since it's not for a cause (the U.K. riots started over the police-involved shooting of a man in the city of Tottenham).

"This is about a fu**ing man who got shot in Tottenham," she screams, "this ain't about having fun on the road and bustin' up the place. ... Do it for a cause! If you're fighting for a cause then fight for a fu**ing cause!"

You can watch her speech below (CONTENT WARNING for language):

By the way, we recognize that the person in the video doesn't look or sound the most woman-like, but we'll go with the video description.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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