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Wednesday morning must-reads


Unions lose big in Wisconsin

London's burning: A mob made by the welfare state

UK residents shop around for survival gear

Michigan dumps 30,000 freeloaders college kids off food stamps

John Boehner: GOP plan would've prevented S&P downgrade

Republicans regroup against ObamaCare

Rand Paul seeks vote of no confidence for Tim Geithner

Carrie Lukas: It's time public sector workers to get some skin in the game

Michele Bachmann swears off teleprompters

New tone alert: Dem strategist says Obama "will have to kill Romney" to win

Hmm: The anti-war movement is nowhere to be found

Obama's war on coal: Killing jobs, causing blackouts

Manufacturing czar to leave White House this month

10 counterfeit businesses made in China

Fed up Brits stand shoulder-to-shoulder with police against rioters:

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OBGYNs claim Dylan Mulvaney is a woman

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