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This is the Luxury Boating Industry's New Superhero-esque Speed Racer


"The finished product looks as if part of a movie set..."

Are you ready for the Spire Boat? The new, superhero-like racing vessel travels at speeds as high as 103.7 mph (also known as 90 knots for those of you who are boating aficionados). If you have a sense of adventure and an estimated $570,000, this powerful oceanic toy could be yours.

The undeniably attractive, super-slick speedboat was created by Thierry Mugler Studio and will be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show this September. Already, the Spire Boat's makers have 26 orders in for a boat that looks more suited for Batman than it does the common water-bug. Below, see the Spire from another, super-cool angle:

CharterWorld.com gives this excellent description of the soon-to-be-unveiled super-boat:

The result...is a glistening retro-futuristic Spire Boat, inspired by the muscle cars of the 1950’s and entirely representative of the aesthetic canons of its brand and its iconic designer. Board by board and curve by curve, this extraordinary boat morphed into shape. The finished product looks as if part of a movie set or just something that emerged from the depths of the ocean.  It conveys its obvious speed and power while maintaining its hydrodynamic, ergonomic, and aerodynamic aspects.

So, if you can't actually be a superhero (after all, who really can be these days?), at least the Spire Boat can make you feel like one. We look forward to seeing how the unit rides on the waters.

(h/t Gizmodo)

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