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North Carolina Man Describes Surviving Terrifying Shark Attack


The unimaginable happened...

For most people, shark attack tales seem more like Hollywood horror stories than they do realistic prospects. But, for 54-year-old Donnie White, the unimaginable happened just days ago.

While enjoying a day with family on beautiful waters in Beaufort Inlet, N.C., White decided to take a swim in the ocean to cool off. As he was heading back onto the boat, a shark attacked him, inflicting a nearly foot-long wound into his leg.

Luckily, White was able to gather the strength to pull himself onto the boat, thus escaping further danger. Of course, he was losing a lot of blood as a result of the injury and was quickly rushed for emergency assistance. In addition to treating the gaping wound, doctors removed a large shark tooth from his leg:

WNCT.com has more:

White’s family told EMS is was an 8 foot bull shark that bit him on the lower part of his right leg. White was transferred to Carteret General Hospital. Hospital staff tell us he’s in good condition and went home to recover. Downum grew up in the Beaufort Inlet area and spent his life since childhood on the water, so a shark attack doesn’t scare him. He says, “It's something that you know is a possibility- but, it's rare."

White and his family also appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" to discuss the ordeal:

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