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Shocking Video: Father, Son Thrown From Truck During Head-On Collision...And Survive!


Close your door if you're at work and about to watch this, because you will scream out loud.

What you're about to see is nothing short of amazing. In a video dated 8/14/2011 -- Sunday -- a white van can be seen driving down the highway when, all of a sudden, a small truck appears out of nowhere and smashes head-first into the van. The driver of the truck can be seen flying through the air, after being thrown out of the window, and landing on the concrete. Miraculously, he immediately gets up as if nothing happened.

But then you notice something else. As he dusts himself off, he walks over to a child who is face-down on the pavement and picks him up:

EMBED-Father And Son Survive Being Thrown From Car - Watch more free videos

It's unclear where the incident occurred, although the people filming are not speaking English and the car that comes into view near the end has a foreign license plate.

According to the video posting on Break.com, the father and son survived. Buzzfeed adds that two were treated for only minor injuries.

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