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Ed Schultz attacks Glenn Beck; suffers short term memory loss

Jack Coleman over at NewsBusters caught Ed Schultz in a fresh instance of hypocrisy. Schultz went ballistic and called Glenn Beck 'irresponsible' for saying social unrest similar to London could happen in America as well. Didn't take but a few days for Schultz to step in it:

All that aptly-titled "Psycho Talk" from Schultz has apparently affected his memory. Here's what Schultz warned yesterday of possible consequences if the government doesn't offer tax breaks to corporations to return jobs they've outsourced (audio) --

"It's either that or keep going down the road of the new normal which we're traveling right now which, who knows where it's going to end up? It could end up in social unrest in this country. It really could."

How utterly irresponsible of you to suggest that, Ed.

This is just one example of the stunning hypocrisy coming from the left, especially in regards to Glenn Beck. The standard attack on Beck is that he's a fear monger, crazy, paranoid, and so on, meanwhile the left wants you to believe that if we don't drive more hybrids and go green, the oceans will rise 23 inches and destroy all of humanity & planet Earth. THAT's the pinnacle of sanity, but Beck and his 'hey, we're spending too much and people might start burning cars like they are doing in London, Greece, Spain and Europe if we don't stop it' is 'psycho' talk. The left mock Glenn for encouraging people to store food and be prepared for anything -- as if that's a stupid idea. At the same time they say Barack Obama saved America from going off a cliff.

Wait, I thought it was crazy to be prepared? This line of attack is silly, but don't expect it to stop any time soon.

H/T Newsbusters

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