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Australian Boy Miraculously Survives Being Hit By Express Train


Talk about cheating death. A 13-year-old boy should be thanking his lucky stars for stumbling away with nothing else but a few bruises and a broken leg and elbow after appearing to be hit by an express train while he jumped down to the tracks at a station in West Sydney, Australia.

The 13-year-old survived by squeezing in between the carriages and platform, while the speeding express train grazed the side of his body. AOL Travel reports that it is believed he was heading over the other platform to talk to a girl when he realized a train was coming towards him and tried to run back to where he'd come from. The Daily Mail reports that the footage has been released by the New South Wales Department of Transport to show the foolishness of jumping onto railway lines, even if it appears that no trains are approaching.

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