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I should have listened to Glenn Beck


At least one member of Mercury Radio Arts team learned this weekend amidst the chaos of Hurricane Irene that our boss may be onto something with his continued warnings to "prepare for the worst and hope for the best."  Unfortunately, staff writer Wilson G. had to learn this lesson the hard way as Hurricane Irene threatened New York City and shared his experience this morning:

...I listen to Glenn about 5 hours a day. It’s my job. I write all the articles you read here on glennbeck.com. I can list every Woodrow Wilson factoid, progressive plan, or caliphate theory that’s been on air over the past year. I have encyclopedic knowledge of the Glenn Beck doomsday predictions. And yet when it came to being prepared for Hurricane Irene, I was as unprepared as you could have been.

I was over in Israel volunteering on the Restoring Courage project for ten days, long before a landfall in NYC was a real possibility. I didn’t really hear about the hurricane until the Restoring Courage event ended and it would still be a few days before I got back to the US. The gravity of the situation hit me when my friend’s flight back to the city was cancelled and I realized I was on the last flight back to NYC.

In the customs line at JFK another Mercury staffer said the line at Trader Joe’s was around the block. There was no water or bread at Whole Foods on the Upper West Side. One of my fellow travelers lived in an evacuation zone.

And I had nothing. No water. No food. No flashlight or batteries or candles or go bag.

If this hurricane was going to be as bad as everyone was saying, I was screwed.

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