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Blaze Exclusive Update: MSNBC Anchor Moderated CBC Panel Portraying Tea Party as Lynch Mob

Tamron Hall, who anchors MSNBC's daily program, 'NewsNation.'

Just a day after The Blaze exclusive story introduced controversial video of Indiana Rep. Andre Carson saying the Tea Party wanted to see him "hanging on a tree," another possibly startling revelation is coming to light: an MSNBC anchor was there to witness it. But not only witness it, the anchor moderated that event.

Why is that important? Because Carson's controversial comments were first brought to light Tuesday by The Blaze, not when they happened last Monday -- and not by MSNBC or its anchor who was present.

So who was the anchor? You need only to listen to the audio again for your first clue. In it, Rep. Carson can be heard referencing "Tamron." He says, “I’m sorry Tamron" as an aside during his tirade. Who's Tamron? Thegrio.com fills in the blanks:

Miami's town hall, which takes place at 6 p.m. at Mount Herman AME Church in Miami Gardens, was set to include several Caucus members, along with Don Graves, the Executive Director of the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall will moderate.

Not surprisingly, Hall and MSNBC are taking heat from some conservative sites. And while there are several reasons for ignoring the comments (i.e. maybe logistics, maybe they had poor audio, or just got to it late), some see a more sinister possibility:

[One possibility is that] Tamron Hall understood the newsworthiness of the statement, but kept her mouth shut so as not to cast a negative light on Carson and the Congressional Black Caucus.

If this is the case, Tamron Hall has given up on being taken seriously as a news anchor and needs to move to the advocacy profession.  Perhaps a job at Think Progress or as a staffer for Rep. Carson is more suited to her abilities.  But she can’t be taken seriously as a news anchor at a major cable network if she willfully stays silent on a major story because she doesn’t want to harm her friends or ideological allies.

Remember, Ms. Hall does not anchor an opinion show in the “after 5:00 PM” window that her colleague Al Sharpton claims is reserved for non-journalists.  Ms. Hall is an anchor during the hours when MSNBC porports to be delivering the news to their viewers.  But, clearly not all the news, just the news that keeps their pals like Rep. Carson looking good.

But wait, there's more.

What adds to the intrigue is that MSNBC did cover the CBC's town hall meeting in Miami (and apparently had cameras at the event). And guess who it featured: a fiery Rep. Carson. But guess what it didn't feature: Rep. Carson's controversial statements. See for yourself:

I guess we can probably rule out bad audio, then. Intriguing, indeed, isn't it?

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