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Bizarre: After Man Arrested for Streaking Police Find Wild Raccoon in His Car


"...running around naked while you have a raccoon stashed in your car is a major party foul."

The wild and endlessly-entertaining tale of Joshua Greene's arrest for streaking at a NASCAR event and the subsequent discovery of a wild raccoon in his car is almost too bizarre to be believable. But, alas, truth is often stranger than fiction:

The 27-year-old shocked Bristol, Tennessee, residents and authorities when he purportedly streaked through Pit Row Market, where there were concerts and festivities being held to coincide with the races. Witnesses called the police and Greene was arrested for his indecent behavior. The incident was, of course, captured on video. But the story gets even more bizarre.

Police also discovered a wild raccoon in the backseat of Greene's car. After apparently finding the animal in a local park, Greene and his girlfriend chased it into the car. Police Captain Matt Austin explains the find:

"He had it in a large plastic tote with some holes in it so it could breathe. I wouldn't let officers open the tote until the Wildlife Agency got there to tell us what to do with it...They had in their minds, for their reasons, that they were rescuing it."

NBC News reports:

In reflecting on the ludicrous circumstances,'s Jeff Gluck humorously wrote:

We're all in favor of NASCAR fans unwinding and having fun when attending races. But there's definitely a line that can be crossed, and running around naked while you have a raccoon stashed in your car is a major party foul.

Below, enjoy Greene's epic mugshot:

In the end, police charged the man with public intoxication and indecent exposure. The Wildlife Agency followed these accolades up with another charge for his possession of the wild raccoon. He has since been released from county jail.

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