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Olbermann Slams Obama: 'What the Hell is Going On in the White House?


Goes on tirade about smog regulation.

The members of aren't the only Obama supporters seething over his announcement to back down on air regulations: Keith Olbermann took to his show Friday night to rip the president over what he called a "desperately wrong" decision.

The White House said Friday it was dropping its Environmental Protection Agency-backed plan to tighten smog rules put in place by former President George W. Bush, which many environmental activists consider desperately lacking. Republicans had opposed the plan, claiming it would be a further obstacle to business growth.

Olbermann described the move as the president "giving his own supporters a whack across the back of the knees for having the audacity to support him."

"When the Chamber of Congress pats you on the back, you are doing something desperately wrong. When Boehner's spokesman compliments you with the Freudian slip, 'It's the tip of the iceberg,' you have made a terrible mistake," he said. "What the hell is going on in the White House?"

Olbermann also derided the president for using Republican "job creation lingo" in his statement that said since smog standards are set to be reviewed anyway in 2013, Obama did not support asking "state and local governments" to implement new rules that will be reconsidered.

"So, if you're having trouble breathing, or you just occasionally do breathe, kindly help the president out and hold your breath until the year 2013 or later," he said.

Speaking to a guest a few moments into the program, he continued his tirade.

"Who on Earth in the White House thinks this is a positive for them and in which delusional parallel universe do they live?" he asked.

Watch the full clip below:

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