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Former Yahoo CEO Bartz Could Lose $10 Million for Calling Board Members 'Doofuses


"These people f*ck*d me over."

When Carol Bartz was fired earlier this week as CEO of Yahoo! She was given a healthy severance package of $10 million and a non-disparagement clause.

That $10 million is now in question after Bartz, still a member of the board herself, called the other members a bunch of 'doofuses' in an interview with Fortune magazine.

And that's not all. According to Fox News, Bartz also told the magazine, "These people f*ck*d me over."

Thanks to the non-disparagement clause, Fortune (via Fox News) reported, Bartz could likely kiss the money goodbye. In fact, Fortune writes, it may be "the first time in history that the term "doofus" has cost -- or made -- anyone a substantial amount of money."

Is Bartz going to have a Steve Urkel "Did I Do That" moment?

The former CEO worked for Yahoo! since 2009 and announced to employees Tuesday via email she had been fired. Since then, there has been speculation over what Yahoo! will do next and whether it will sell.

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