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Navy SEAL Combat Knife Made From World Trade Center Steel to Benefit Troops Killed in Copter Crash


Emerson Knives Inc. has long been producing custom knives for Navy SEALs.

Emerson's CQC-6 knife, which stands for "Close Quarter Combat," is a staple for SEAL Team 6 members. They're prized possessions among the "real deal" men who carry them.

Now, in the wake of the August 5 helicopter crash that killed 30 U.S. troops, including 22 SEALs, Emerson has made a special, one-of-a-kind commemorative knife with a blade constructed with steel from the World Trade Center, to be auctioned off to benefit a memorial for the families of those killed.

According to Ernest Emerson, the company's founder and CEO, the knife's blade is cut from wreckage taken directly from the World Trade Center buildings. It is fully combat-ready, razor sharp, and built to exactly the same specifications as every other Emerson knife.

Its pocket clip features 30 stars, one for each of the American service member who lost their lives, plus one paw print for "Bart," the military dog that was also killed.

In a post on the company's website, Emerson explained more of the special details:

Their memorial knife is also built to symbolize the nature of US Naval Special Warfare Operations. The SEAL Trident is featured on the front of the knife, the sharpened side, of the blade representing the cutting edge, the offensive, attacking role of SEAL operations. The Army Aviation Badge is engraved on the rear side, the clip side for carry of the knife, representing the support role of the Air crews who insert the SEALS into their operating arena. The Grey bolsters reflect the SEAL’s ability to strike from the shadows, complete their mission then fade away back into the shadows like ghosts. The midnight black handles reflect the world of Black (covert) operations, the world where these highly trained elite operators excel in the execution of their deadly and dangerous skills, unknown to all but those who also wear the Trident.


[The Sept. 11 attacks are] the reason that these warriors were fighting and the reason that these heroes risk their lives and the reason for which, sadly, they gave the ultimate sacrifice. The World Trade Center blade also represents Americas unwavering commitment through the efforts of these frontline warriors to take the fight directly to the enemy. An enemy who wants nothing more and nothing less than to destroy the freedoms and liberties that we stand for and threatens our very way of life. It is because of these heroes, their vigilance and ferocious resolve, that we and our families are able to sleep soundly in our beds at night. We owe everything to them.

Bidding for the knife is currently up to $8,600. The auction will conclude Sept. 30.

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