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Rest Easy: Ron Paul Was Not Bullied!


" . . . 'so bad' that he did not dare talk about it."

Courtesy of, Ron Paul fans can rest easy now that they finally have closure on the infamous Rick-Perry-Picked-on-Ron-Paul rumor.

After the photos from Wednesday's GOP debate became public, Paul supporters took to the intertubes to stand by their man and proposed multitudinous theories about how Rick Perry all but demanded Ron Paul’s lunch money.

Good news: the mystery has been solved!

Ron Paul spoke to a Simi Valley gathering and addressed the rumors, even relating a humorous anecdote about telling a reporter from the Des Moines Register the incident was “so bad” that he did not dare talk about it.

In reality, according to Ron Paul, the first meeting between the two Texans was so unremarkable that Paul does not even recall what was said, but says that the two did not exchange any “cross words” at all.

And there is no reason to doubt or question Paul's story.

Think about it: given the Paul campaign's past record with Perry, it would be safe to assume that had something notable occurred, the Paul campaign and his support base would be trumpeting it everywhere (“cheerleader” and strippers come to mind). The fact that the official story from Ron Paul is a big "nothing" means, well, nothing actually happened (unless, of course, his supporters think the Bilderberg group finally got to him).

If Perry had really said or done something, we would definitely know about it.

Here is Paul's side of the story:

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