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Israeli Fogel Family Massacre Update: Murderer Gets 130-Years Behind Bars


After being convicted of brutally murdering an Israeli family of five, including slashing the throat of a 3-year-old baby, 18-year-old Hakim Awad was sentenced in military court Tuesday to five consecutive life sentences and five additional years in prison; totaling the next 130 years behind bars.

The Palestinian teen and his cousin accomplice Amjad Awad, who still awaits his verdict, have shown no remorse for their slaughtering of the Fogel family at the Itmar settlement in March 2011.

In June, Awad told reporters of the Jerusalem Post that he does not regret his actions, and would do them again: “I’m proud of what I did and I’ll accept any punishment I get, even death, because I did it all for Palestine.”

Awad showed the same coldblooded self-affirmation when leaving court Tuesday, raising handcuffed wrists to motion the "V" sign for victory with his fingers, as photographed by Hagal Aharon of Ynet news:

During the horrific attack the two young Fogel boys, aged four and eleven, were stabbed, one in the heart, while the family’s 3-month-old baby had its throat slashed. The Awads went to the parents bed, stabbed the father to death and then shot the mother after stabbing her multiple times as well.

Ynet News reports that at trial, Awad and his defense attorney Read Erda justified the Awad clan's actions as a result of "the occupation:"

"'The prosecutor mentioned that the murder of a baby is a cruel and harsh act but all murders are harsh – no matter whether it's of a baby, a young person or an adult. We're all human beings and our blood is the same. No blood is more red than another.'

Erda enraged the judges when he claimed that the defendant was as much a victim as the Fogel family was. 'When you build a Jewish community among dozens of Arab communities and do not provide it with the necessary security you can expect this to happen.'"

Because Awad was underage when he committed the crime, the death sentence was never considered. Hakim Awad was also convicted of weapons offenses and various other security offenses.

The verdict on Amjad Awad is expected later this month.

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