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Stolen St. Francis of Assisi Statue Is Returned -- With 'Sissy' Makeover


Mary Jo Paul wrote a letter to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle in August, threatening the culprits that stole her 2-foot, 50-pound St. Francis of Assisi statue , that they would have a date with Karma.

The hoodlums seem unfazed.

The statue was returned to the Paul home Saturday with lipstick, eye shadow, and toenail polish transforming the saint into a "sissy." Erik Peterson of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle took this picture of the vandalism:

Mary Jo Paul was upset about the theft of the statue which she had owned for nearly 40 years, warning whoever took it that "what goes around, comes around."

However, the Billings Gazette reports that Paul and her husband laughed at St. Francis' now-green robes, gold sandals and purple belt. While the Pauls first cracked-up at the sight of the statue and say that "now maybe he's more beautiful," they still feel the theft was "awful."

"The person who did it is most ingenious, if unethical," Mary Jo told the Chronicle. That said, they still appreciate the patron saint of animals and the environment.

"'He's just a symbol of all that's gentle,' Mary Jo said. 'He reminds us to be good to each other, to be good to animals.'"

The Pauls will keep the painted statue and have moved it to a less conspicuous place in their yard.

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