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Tuesday morning must-reads


Obama jobs plan: Tax businesses & wealthy

Thomas Sowell: Obama's jobs speech changed nothing

Decision day in New York: Will the GOP pick up Weiner's seat?

Department of Justice looks to block Texas redistricting

Michigan works to expand right-to-work to teachers

Congress-lobbyists revolving door continues to spin

Report: University of Wisconsin discriminates against whites and Asians

Ira Stoll smacks down Paul Krugman

Darrell Issa: Eric Holder is dangerous

Orrin Hatch to Obama NLRB appointee: Did you write the SEIU intimidation manual?

Small business confidence drops to 13-month low

U.S. on track to spend more on gasoline than ever before

Are Americans entitled to leisure?

Greece, Germany and the fate of the Euro

Columbia students treated to private dinner with Iranian nutjob

Ahmadinejad says U.S. hikers will be released "in a couple days":

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