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Declining Dollar? ‘Free Store’ in California Introduces Alternative Currency


Worried about the dollar? One store in Long Beach, California is looking ahead of the curve. The Long Beach Free Store encourages shoppers to give a little and get a little.

The California thrift store accepts no cash, instead it asks shoppers to trade goods or their time to establish credit to pick up items from the store. However, even if you can't trade or give time, the store is still willing to give you two free items. All items within in the store are donated, and the store takes any donated "small to mid-size items that are clean and in good condition," including clothing, accessories, household items, books, games, media and many more:

The free store is a project of the Catalyst Network of Communities, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, and is run by volunteers within the Catalyst Community Space.

The mission of the Catalyst Network is "to provide tools for individuals and organizations that empower them to connect around shared interests and affect the broader community." Some of the network's collaborative partners include the Long Beach Playhouse, Long Beach Area Council Boy Scouts of America, and Southern CA Green Economic Council.

Being a nonprofit, donated items are tax-deductible. Local affiliate Fox News 11 has video from the store's opening:

Should you want to test the store's alternative currency, it's located in the East Village Arts District in downtown Long Beach.

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