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Wednesday evening must-reads


Obama lost Jewish voters in NY-09 -- Is Hillary next?

It's not a "messaging problem"; it's bad policy

What really scares Democrats from NY-09 loss: Entitlements

Liberals decry the bigotry of... Jacqueline Kennedy?

Geithner: U.S. economy is in "an early stage" of crisis

Is the SEIU a "racketeering-influenced & corrupt" enterprise?

House Oversight Committee warns of Obama's "regulatory tsunami"

How will Obama's jobs plan affect charities?

USA Today: Taxpayers will pay for Solyndra scandal

Underwear bomber screams that "Osama's alive!"

Gitmo recidivism rate continues to climb

How long before Obama’s campaign flushes Attack Watch down the toilet?

Is the new Journolist?

Poll: Bachmann now tied with Gingrich?

Russian-Americans -- A natural fit for American conservatism?

Chris Christie's education plea: "I'm tired of giving out fake diplomas."

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