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Thursday evening must-reads


Another cronyism scandal for the Obama White House?

Obama press secretary: What Solyndra scandal?

House okays tough restrictions on NLRB

NPR: Wow, Barack Obama is just like Jesus Christ

WaPo: Obama's lies are "only following time-honored Washington traditions"

Did the White House intentionally snub a Republican Marine?

Dem. Rep: Gov't has no obligation to pay Social Security benefits

Al Gore's global warmathon is a snoozefest

Obama bumper sticker leads police to nab cold-blooded killer

James Carville says it's time for the Obama camp to panic

Study suggests RomneyCare was a Massachusetts job-killer

The new Egypt: "Sorry, we thought you were a Jew"

Score one for the good guys

Britain cracks down on racist & homophobic 3-year-olds Smoking bans are no match for New Yorkers

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