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Thursday morning must-reads


White House emails reveal major ObamaCare accounting fraud

Why aren't businesses hiring? Blame ObamaCare

Sarah Palin: Crony capitalism on steroids, from GE to Solyndra

Solyndra employee: "Everyone knew the plant wouldn't work"

Is the Obama jobs plan just a blue-state bailout in disguise?

Where are the (green) jobs?

The welfare state continues to crumble

The one question liberals will never answer

How can Obama help the economy? Don't touch it!

Jimmy Hoffa: Fighting the GOP is good for America, or something

Cancer victim's friends come to Rick Perry's defense

3 more murders linked to Fast & Furious

George Will: Our floundering "federal family"

America's education system continues to fail our children

Flashback: Now-bankrupt Solyndra praises Obama for half-tillion dollar "stimulus" (h/t GWP):

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