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Not All That Different': Two Hedge Fund Managers Make Separate Hitler References in Two Days


"Hitler came to power because there was disorder..."

Within two days of one another, two different hedge fund managers made references to Adolf Hitler at two separate events -- with one seeming to almost draw a similarity between the German dictator's rise to power and President Barack Obama's.

The first reference, Business Insider reported, was made by Omega Advisors founder and CEO Leon Cooperman in the middle of a "rant" about Obama, describing the path by which the president was elected.

Business Insider paraphrased Cooperman's remarks:

He said in effect: What happened is, a 48-year-old with no prior business experience, made his way into power, which you know is not all that different from how Hitler made it into power. I'm not --

Then he immediately said he was not comparing Obama to Hitler, but of course just saying the two names in the same sentence caused a gasp.

The second reference, made by the founder of Bridgewater Associates founder Ray Dalio on Thursday, wasn't political, but made in the context of the turbulent economy.

Business Insider again paraphrased the remarks:

Dalio said that the biggest problem right now, [and perhaps why traders are having difficulty navigating these markets], is people are not having the quality conversation about, how does the machine work?

Dalio says there's a certain process that works a certain way for a certain reason. He asks, Do you understand how the machine works? That's the important question.

For example, how does politics work?

Dalio's view, which he says is true historically, is that there is greater polarity in democracy. And when there's polarity, there's disorder.

"Hitler came to power because there was disorder and because that's how the machine works," he said.

No other media outlets seem to have picked up on Cooperman or Dalio's comments yet.

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