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Want to See the Mugshots of Those Lawbreaking Amish Buggy Drivers?


It's tough to describe the pictures in words...

On Wednesday, we brought you the story of eight Amish men from Kentucky who were sent to jail this week over their refusal to comply with a local safety regulation.

They say that the mandate, which would require them to post a bright orange triangle on their horse-drawn buggies, violates their modesty code. (They reportedly use reflective tape instead, but that's not good enough.)

The Smoking Gun -- a web site known for documenting and publicizing celebrities' legal dramas -- has published the Amish mens' mugshots. It's tough to describe the pictures in words, as almost nothing we say could do them justice.

The Amish men, clearly unhappy with the ruling (they still plan to fight it) couldn't look more miserable if they tried. In describing the photos, reporter Cassandra Garrison writes:

Why are Amish mugshots so much funnier than regular mugshots? Could it be the long, bushy beards? The strange triangular haircuts? The smug, sullen expressions? The slightly-off-to-the-side glances?

As mentioned, the men are probably more than unhappy that they're being forced to spend three to 10 days in the slammer, but there may have been additional angst among them over another issue: Having their pictures taken.

Many Amish refuse to utilize cameras as a result of their choice to avoid certain technology and thus do not enjoy having their images captured by others. In this case, it was obviously required.

Below, see the mugshots that have everyone talking:

(h/t Gawker)

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