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World's Fastest Ferrari Plunges Into the Ocean


Driving 240mph, the world's fastest Ferrari plunged into the Atlantic ocean after losing control at the Newfoundland Targa. The Sun has video of the rare Ferrari Enzo taking a dip at the Canadian event:

The car was driven by Zahir Rana, a supercar dealer from Calgary, who swam away with a co-driver unhurt after the crash.

"With speed comes a little bit of risk and this is what happens when you push and are into racing," Rana told The Sun. "I was talking about doing something different to the car this winter and now I have no choice but I will make it a better and stronger car."

Rana's Enzo was tuned by the German firm Edo Competition, and could accelerate from 0-62mph in 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph in 9 seconds and 0-186mph in 19 seconds before hitting a top speed of more than 240mph.

The car was recovered from the ocean, and had suffered just slight damage to the front bumper and wing, that can be fixed.

The Sun reports that a high number of Enzos have been lost in crashes and fires, pushing reselling prices up to and over $1.5 million. Other Enzo owners include Eric Clapton and Ralph Lauren.

(H/T: Fark)

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