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Warren Buffett‘s ’secretary’ is a shill for MoveOn.org


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett says that he pays less in taxes each year than his personal secretary -- an utterly false claim debunked with just a little bit of tax law. But the inaccuracy of this claim hasn't stopped the political left from using it to make their best case for class warfare.

President Obama has repeated Buffett's claim, including during his recent jobs speech before a joint session of Congress. Obama's radical friends at MoveOn.org have also seized on this opportunity to push their progressive tax agenda. After all, why bother with messy things like facts when lies support your case so much better?

In their new ad, MoveOn uses average workers to repeat Buffett's spurious claim, each stating, "I'm Warren Buffett's secretary." (via National Journal)

Not only is Buffett's claim false, the idea that taxing "the rich" will solve all of our problems is also incredibly false -- you could take 100% of everything the rich have and still wouldn't come close to paying for the progressives' big-spender agenda.  Bill Whittle demonstrated this inconvenient truth the last time the left insisted on class warfare as a fiscal policy:

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