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Mitt Romney: ‘I Want Everybody in America to Be Rich’


And Michele Bachmann does not want Americans to pay income tax.

While unwilling to define what constitutes being "rich," GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney wants everyone in the United States to be wealthy.

"I don't try and define who is rich and who is not rich," Romney said when asked what level of income he considers rich.

"I want everybody in America to be rich," the former Massachusetts governor stated. "I want people in this country to have opportunity. I want everybody to have the kind of opportunities that we on this stage have had."

When asked what tax rate would be appropriate for average citizens, Michele Bachmann said Americans should not have to pay income taxes at all.

"That's your money. That's not the government's money."

"I think you earned every dollar, you should get to keep every dollar that you earn," Bachmann said.

Megyn Kelly, a former tax attorney, then pressed that government would still need to collect some revenues, to which Bachmann stated,"Obviously we have to give money back to the government so that we can run the government but we have to have a completely different mindset and that mindset is the American people are the genius of this economy, it certainly isn't government that is the genius."

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/JeJP0BhJDQs?version=3&hl=en_US expand=1]

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