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RE: Romney Hopes Palin Gets In

Eddie...no surprise that Romney hopes Palin gets in the race, right?  The only surprise to me is why he is being so transparent. He's like an overexcited - but well-positioned - chess player who's openly begging his opponent to move f7 knight to e4. "I will crush you!" (Did that analogy work? I don't really know chess.) Or...to better fit your picture...he's like a Red Sox pitcher intentionally tipping his pitches. (Any more analogies I can belabor?)

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago:

I think…I’m not sure…but I think, I just saw Mitt Romney do a Tiger-Woods-style-fist-pump celebration.  Word is that Sarah Palin will launch a presidential campaign by the end of September.  And the most direct beneficiary of that news has to be Mitt Romney.

As it stands right now, the “Tea Party vote” is already split between three – maybe four – candidates.  Michelle Bachmann, Rick Perry and to a lesser extent Herman Cain are competing for somewhat similar voters.  Even Ron Paul lays claim to some of the “Tea Party vote”.

Sarah Palin, at one time the star of the Tea Party movement, would further split the vote five-to-six ways.  This benefits Romney, right?

I just can't understand why he'd bait it...beg for it openly...say it. Can you?

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