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Is this really what a 'modern-day family' looks like?


With so many stories about divorces in Hollywood, it's sometimes easy to believe that the majority of marriages end in separation. But are broken households becoming so normalized that children's toys are being designed around them?

Take for instance the Detacho toy house, a "re-configurable toy house which can be separated and made into multiple homes, thus replicating issues such as divorce and the changing make-up of many modern day families."  How lovely -- I'm sure it's just what little Susie always wanted:

That's not all.  Did you know you know that today's culture of divorce is also spurring gift ideas like coffins for wedding rings -- you know, those pesky little symbols of everlasting love? Yep, 40 bucks will get you a personalized ring coffin, complete with mahogany finish and black velvet lining:

Thinking about getting a divorce yourself?  There's an app for that.

Anyone else noticing a disturbing trend here? 

Apparently divorce is becoming a booming business -- Click here to see more divorce products for sale.

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