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Is This OK? Dad Uses Photoshop to Trick Daughter Into Believing 'Ewoks' Are Real

Is This OK? Dad Uses Photoshop to Trick Daughter Into Believing 'Ewoks' Are Real

"If you're going to lie to your kids...this is the acceptable kind."

Who wouldn't want Ewoks, those cute, cuddly yet slightly mischievous Star Wars creations, to be real? Anthony Herrera planted this exact seed in his daughter's mind telling her on a hike in the Sequoia National Park that they were real.

Naturally, she was disappointed when she could catch a glimpse of the teddy-bear-like characters, so Herrera helped "prove" their existence by Photoshopping images of them into photos they had taken on their trip. Here's what Herrera wrote on his blog:

A year ago we took a trip to Sequoia National Park. I wanted to excite my daughter while being in such amazing surroundings. Being the Star Wars geek that I am (so is she), I told her that this is where the Ewoks live. She spent a good chuck of our time hiking keeping a lookout for any Ewoks. Coming home I can't say that she wasn't disappointed that we didn't find any. I had to explain that they are extremely shy and hardly ever let anyone see them. After we got home, and after I had a little time alone with the photos, I told her I thought I saw something strange in a few pictures. We viewed them on the TV to get a larger image. You can imagine how surprised and excited she was when we discovered that we didn't see any Ewoks, but they saw us, and had certainly taken an interest in her and her little brother. Maybe I'm a little wrong for lying to her and falsifying the pictures, but I don't care. She'll never forget the time she spent in the big woods with Ewoks.

Clearly Herrera wasn't thinking of the devastation that comes when you find out Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown aren't real. But Herrera, and other commenters of the Wired story, aren't too worried. Here are a few of the comments praising Herrera:

Here's an added treat for those of you basking in this Ewok glory -- the Yub Nub celebration song at the end of Return of the Jedi:

[H/T Gizmodo]

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