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Canadian MP Photoshopped for Revealing Too Much Cleavage?


While examining the two images above, one might notice a rather stark difference in the subject -- 29-year old member of the Canadian Parliament Rathika Sitsabaiesan's -- "physique."

A Google search conducted by a reader of blog "Contrarian" allegedly featured a photo of Sitsabaiesan on the official Parliamentary website revealing what could be considered too much cleavage (featured left). However, a subsequent search of the recently elected PM on Parliament's site revealed an apparently photoshopped version of the original thumbnail (featured right).

Contrarian reports:

The Google thumbnail that connected to the official Parliamentary page now seems to have disappeared from Google’s image search results, leading us to conclude that Mr. Austin’s search occurred in the brief interval before Google’s image search caught up with a change in the underlying page. A similar thumbnail, however, still cleaves to MP Sitsabaiesan’s page at the open-source OpenParliament.ca website, which credits the image as “House of Commons photo.”

This persuades us that the photo on the official website of Parliament must have originally appeared in the (please forgive us) cloven version, only to fall under the Parliamentary PhotoShopster’s digital airbrush. This makes us wonder whether the bowdlerization took place on request from the NDP caucus, from MP Sitsabaiesan’s office, or on the Parliamentary website’s own authority.

Well, Blaze readers? Do you think Miss Sitsabaiesan's photo was altered to avoid any potential backlash among critics -- and was the original photo too revealing for an elected official in the first place?

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