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So What Was That Bulletproof Vest NFL Star Tony Romo Was Wearing During Monday's Game?


"What we have is military-grade equipment adopted to sports."

You may have caught some of the on-air testing ESPN and the other local networks did last night to show off the Kevlar vest Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was wearing Monday night to protect his broken rib. And if you did, it was a treat.

See, Romo was sporting the fancy vest that is a product of Unequal Technologies. And last night, the company's president, Robert Vito, decided to let a couple test his product on him -- with a shovel:

So just what was the vest made of? According to the company's website, it's a mix of padding and ballistics-grade Kevlar, meaning it's a high-quality "shock-suppression" system. That has led the company to a niche -- bulletproof sports equipment, including insoles and the aforementioned vest. Vito explained how the material works to CNBC last spring:

A marketing video shows off the materials strength (as if the shovel video didn't already do it):

But Romo isn't the only sports star wearing Vito's vest. The company also protects Eagles quarterback Michael Vick by providing padding for his ribs and his head.

"Romo had a very serious injury and the Cowboys started asking around about what we had done for Michael Vick and for the Steelers in the Super Bowl,'' Vito told ESPN. "What we have is military-grade equipment adopted to sports. If it can stop a bullet, it can stop a blitz.''

And it seems to have worked. The Cowboys beat the Redskins on Monday night. And even though Romo got knocked around -- and even grimaced -- he still finished the game.

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