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Baby Great White Shark Rescued On Venice Beach Shore


He may seem cute now....but.

Pete Thomas Outdoors got a hold of this video of local surfers helping a juvenile Great White Shark untangle from a fishing line over the weekend in Venice Beach, California. While the surfers were good samaritans to the shark in need, they should not expect a returned favor in the shark-infested waters. Pete writes:

"Southern California waters are a nursery area for juvenile white sharks, which prey on fishes, rays and smaller sharks until they grow large enough to begin preying on seals and sea lions."

The shark is believed to have been hooked off a line from the city pier, which LA Weekly writes is a problem for several species:

"Fishing at Venice Pier is done way too close to humans (yours truly has been hooked), let alone the more-endangered kind of sea life, and it goes on pretty much unregulated, unlike at other SoCal piers, where authorities will intervene if anglers cast too far from a fishing zone."

Finally, an issue humans and sharks can come together on.

(H/T: LA Observed)

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