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Boston Women Try to Organize Sex Strike to End War in Afghanistan


Connors’s husband is not amused

Earlier this month The Blaze reported on the sex strike organized by women in the southern Philippines that successfully led to peace in the violent region. After that story broke, myself and a few commenters had a feeling that this idea might spread....

Patricia Connors of Brookline, the wealthy Boston suburb and birthplace of John and Robert Kennedy,  has been extremely frustrated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“These wars seem to have the passive cooperation of American citizens - people have just accepted them," Conners said to The Boston Globe.

The Globe reports that after seeing a video by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees telling the story of the determined Filipino women, Connor pitched an idea to like-minded friends by email and on the website Brookline PAX; "Brookline PAX women: Anyone interested in organizing an American sex strike until our military leaves Afghanistan and Iraq?’’

While the Filipino women banded together to deny their husbands who in turn organized and called on key village leaders to encourage others to stop fighting, Conners told the Globe that feedback to her copycat attempt has not been as successful:

"One friend e-mailed back: 'Unfortunately, no one would notice if I went on a sex strike.’' Connors replied: 'I find that hard to believe but the point is that if a large group of women nationwide, heck maybe even Michelle Obama, went on a sex strike, notice would be taken.'

Connors’s husband is not amused."

Connors went on to tell the Globe, lightly, that her protest is still in the "idea stage." Unfortunately for Connors, the dysfunction of her protest has lasted longer than four hours.

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