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Amazing Technology: Watch an Armored Combat Vehicle Go...'Invisible'


Disappear and shift into another shape.

Earlier this month, the Blaze brought you BAE systems ADAPTIV "invisibility cloak." Today we have learned additional details of this remarkable technology, and have some new photos to share.

As we first announced a few weeks ago, this cutting edge technology allows a vehicle to become invisible to the naked eye -- as well as infrared and other radar technologies.

Even more amazing-- ADAPTIV not only makes a vehicle or fixed installation disappear-- it can alter itself in real time to mimic surrounding foliage, or entirely reshape its form. An Armored Personnel Carrier can shift to look like a pickup truck on radar, for example.

ADAPTIV vehicles also have the capability to electronically mark themselves to avoid friendly fire incidents.

Now, here are some of the newer photos that show what the technology looks like on the outside:

According to the description on BAE"s website, ADAPTIV works by:

"Using lightweight hexagonal pixels which are electrically powered by the vehicles systems. The pixels are individually heated and cooled using commercially available semi-conducting technology. The hand-sized pixels are made of metal, so that they can sustain physical impact and provide defence against enemy ordnance."

As we showed you in the past, here is what you would see on infrared before a tank turns on its Adaptiv coating.

And here is what you would see, or not see, after:


Check out the full video of ADAPTIV in action here, courtesy of BAE Systems:

(h/t  Business Insider)

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