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Friday morning must-reads


Obama thinks America's going soft

Jonah Goldberg: Is malaise French for “soft”?

As CEO, Obama would've been fired by now

Democrats don't have the votes to pass Obama's jobs bill

Joe Biden: Even if the economy were doing well, we'd still push for a "stimulus"

Maine conservatives lead the way on welfare reform

New study: ObamaCare's failed promises

Is Michele Bachmann running out of money?

Sarah Palin will decide 2012 plans in September October November?

Obama administration mulls (northern) border fence

Pirate-fighting security contractors arrested in Africa for carrying guns

Marco Rubio: America should stand up for religious freedom in Iran

University’s smoking ban has cost the school more than $240,000

What does Allen West think about Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

h/t Townhall

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