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Why Did Chinese TV Play 'America the Beautiful' During Video of Rocket Launch


"I don't know how to answer your question."

China launched their Tiangong-1 space lab this week.  And they did so with lots of fanfare naturally.

But viewers of of Chinese television might have been confused by the music in a video showcasing the launch.

Business Insider:

As a tribute to the launch — which has been heralded as a major display of the country's technological awesomeness — China Central Television treated viewers to footage of the launch, followed by animation of the Tiangong-1 module floating up to space — all to the tune "America The Beautiful."

It is totally unclear what the meaning of this is.

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The Guardian:

The choice of soundtrack for the Tiangong launch raised several questions. Is this the work of an idealist seeking to usher in a new era of trans-Pacific co-operation, a nationalist who wants to colonise American culture as well as outer space, or simply a propaganda gaffe?

When asked why an American hymn was chosen, the state channel appeared to be stumped.

"I don't know how to answer your question," Chen Zhansheng of the CCTV propaganda department said. "I cannot help you."

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