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October 2011 Blaze Mag cover story: The fight of our lives


The cover story of the October 2011 issue of The Blaze Magazine, "The Fight of Our Lives," takes a close look at the Restoring Courage event in Israel -- complete with powerful photos from George Lange -- and explains why, if we want to see liberty flourish, we have a job to do.

From the story:

Sitting amidst the stones of the holiest site in Israel and on a bright sunny late afternoon in late August, nearly 2,000 Israelis, Americans and others gathered to celebrate courage, faith and hope. But the Rally to Restore Courage was far more than a gathering, complete with inspiring songs and speeches. It was a celebration of a simple truth, as Glenn Beck said: “God is not neutral in the affairs of mankind.” And it was the launching point for a movement.

The site for the Courage event—the Davidson Center, an “archaeological park” at the foot of the Holy Basin that includes the Temple Mount, where the ancient Hebrews built their holy temple and where Muslims subsequently built the Dome of the Rock—was chosen deliberately. In the same place where the ancient Hebrews prepared to ascend to the Holy Mount, Glenn aimed to prepare himself and his audience to take on a new challenge of responsibility.

He chose such a holy place because, as he said earlier in the week as he prepared his remarks, “this is where it all happened. Scripture is not just words on a page. It’s real, and it lives today.”

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