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How to upset an Iranian Mullah

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Want to piss off the religious leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran?

Russia figured out how: don't deliver on the long-range missiles they bought.

Wired's "Danger Room" reports:

Iran’s tussle with Russia over a missile deal gone awry reached soap opera territory long ago. After months of smack talk, the Mullahs have now got their money back from their erstwhile business partners in Moscow. But they don’t have their prized S-300 air defense missile. So now they’re pledging to carry on against Russia with the vilest of all asymmetric warfare tactics: a court battle.

Russia’s Rosoboronexport has now forked over Iran’s $167 million prepayment on the cancelled sale of S-300 air defense missiles. In August, it said it was making good on threats to sue the Russians over the sale and launching a lawsuit at the International Court of Arbitration. Its money returned, though, Iran is still feeling feisty and litigious.

“We have received our prepayment from Russia, but we have sent our complaint to the International Court of Arbitration to receive compensation,” Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi told Iranian state news on Wednesday. In other words, thanks for the cash, but we’d still like to see the global equivalent of Judge Judy.

Russia first agreed to sell Iran its long-range S-300 in 2007, but the deal dragged on for years without an actual missile handover.

"When you get mad, don't take the law into your own hands ... take 'em to court!"

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