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Jon Stewart chats about USO tour


Comedian Jon Stewart embarked on a USO tour in Afghanistan over the summer. In an interview with "Newsweek," he said there was nothing "not humbling" about it. Stewart also joked that the men and women risking their lives overseas needlessly thanked him as if he were "the real hero":

“It’s an incredible experience,” he says. “From the first one that I ever did until now, always the thing that strikes you the most is they’re thankful you’re there. It’s the most shocking part.”

He shakes his head. “They’ll say to you, ‘Thank you so much.’ The guy who’s been clearing mines in Helmand province and has just lost a leg. ‘Hey, thank you so much.’ And you’re like, Really? You want to say, ‘You know, you’re right, I am the real hero here. Coming down to see you. You know that traffic on I-95? That Delaware Corridor? That is never not backed up.’”

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