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What happens when a conservative offers to help a liberal find a job?


Why don't you just "find a homeless person lying down [on the ground] and spit on them?"

That's the response one "Occupy Wall Street" protester offered when a good Samaritan walked by and offered him a $20 bill to help support himself while looking for work. When the protester turned his shoulder to the money offering, the Samaritan offered to personally help him find a job. What do you suppose was his response to that?

"I wouldn't trust a conservative farther than I can throw 'em," the protester responded, while others in the crowd screamed "You're a jerk!" at the man offering a helping hand. Apparently having no job is better than a job at Burger King in the eyes of these protesters:

I also found this exchange especially interesting after finding this particular protester in another YouTube video where he says what our society really needs is "more Jesus stuff" -- also known in his circles as "economic and social justice":

What is wrong with this picture? When a kind man stops and offers his help -- both in time and treasure -- this crowd of protesters decry him as an insulting "jerk," yet they simultaneously insist that it's society that needs more Christ-like kindness to help the poor and the sick.

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