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Anti-Semitic ‘Lotion Man’ owns the Wall Street protests


As Jon noted last night, a man trolling around the "Occupy Wall Street" protests calling himself the "Lotion Man" (yuck) is making quite a name for himself on YouTube. His obscene diatribes and deviant behavior have caught the attention of camera-wielding New Yorkers, including NRO's Charles Cooke who caught him berating an older Jewish man who challenged the protesters.

Gawker's Adrian Chen now worries that the crazy "Lotion Man" will become a figurehead of sorts for the anti-capitalist protest marches and that conservatives will use his image to show what a bunch of nut-job loons the protesters are:

Chen sarcastically writes:

Did you know that the real reason Occupy Wall Street protesters hate banks is that they're anti-Semitic loons? Yep, just look at this video of a completely representative Wall Street protester that the National Review discovered down in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park. ...

His name is Danny Cline and he is either insane or a horrible conceptual comedian—maybe an insane, horrible conceptual comedian? Hard to tell...

But never mind that! Lotion Man is the real face of Occupy Wall Street! If the protesters have their way, they will pass new laws that require all your daughters to marry Lotion Man. Having completely ignored this articulate protester, Fox News will soon put up Lotion Man as Occupy Wall Street's representative in a debate with Charles Krauthammer. That would actually be awesome.

Don't you just hate it when your political opponents pick one or two bad apples out of the bunch and use them to paint an entire movement in a negative light?  That must be super annoying...

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